Friday, December 17, 2004

Victor Davis Hanson on the Left's Credibility

I enjoy the writings of Victor Davis Hanson. Moreover, people who vehemently disagree with him grudgingly acknowledge that he's quite thought-provoking. (His allusions to ancient history are also very refreshing.)

Click HERE for a very interesting and controversial column from National Review in which Hanson contends that "the Left" has lost credibility in foreign policy matters. I'm hoping that readers who disagree with his thoughts will post their opposition.

Money quote:

"All the standing ovations for Kofi Annan cannot hide the truth that the Oil-for-Food scandal exceeds Enron. Indeed, Ken Lay’s malfeasance never involved the deaths of thousands, while cronies siphoned off food and supplies from a starving populace. The U.S. military does not tolerate mass rape and plunder among its troops, as is true of the U.N. peacekeepers throughout Africa. There can be no serious U.N. moral sense as long as illiberal regimes — a Syria, Iran, or Cuba — vote in the General Assembly and the Security Council stymies solutions out of concern for an autocratic China that swallowed Tibet. Millions were slaughtered in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur while New York bureaucrats either condemned Israel or damned anyone who censured their own inaction and corruption. Rather than faulting those who fault the U.N., leftists should lament the betrayal of the spirit of the liberal U.N. Charter by regimes that are neither democratic nor liberal but who seek legitimacy solely on their ability to win concessions and sympathy from guilt-ridden Westerners."


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