Saturday, December 11, 2004

Philosophical Activities & Games

Click here for a page of activities & games dealing with philosophical concepts from the same site that has the "TABOO" test in a post below. If you like philosophy, you'll likely find many of these activities fun!


Blogger Mike Gorman said...

The "Philosophical Health Check" assigned me a "tension quotient" of 7% (the lower the better, as you suffer points for pairs of beliefs which are thought by the test constructors to be in conflict). The average nut case like me who enjoys activities such as this scores 29%, according to them. 7% results from the occurrence of only one such pair, having to do with driving cars vs. not "unnecessarily" harming the environment. I would, of course, argue that I am not in conflict here, but this was not the really interesting part for me.

I completed this test because I expected them to find me in conflicts involving belief pairs for which (I thought) they would mistakenly imply that a libertarian sort of legal permissiveness is incompatible with some elements of essentially universalist moral assertiveness. Had they done that, then I would have enjoyed arguing against them as I find this particular confusion both widespread and importantly counterproductive. Amazingly, however, they did not. I'm so glad.

If you think that you might actually find this sort of thing interesting, Peter's link points to a pretty entertaining collection.

December 11, 2004 at 11:11 AM  
Blogger Peter Wizenberg said...

Yes, a good portion of it can't be taken too seriously. Of necessity, a lot of the wordings of the various questions in the different tests and games are brief and there is ambiguity. For example, I do think that taste in art is ultimately subjective, but I also think that Michelangelo is one of "history's greatest artists." Construed a certain way, (e.g., considered by most of humanity to be one of the most favored), I don't see a formal contradiction between the two statements.

Nevertheless, for those with a philosophical bent the questions are fun!

December 11, 2004 at 3:38 PM  

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